Coco Boo is the brainchild of two fashion loving sisters, Melania (Mel) and Vittoria (Vic). Whilst studying fashion design and fashion promotion at UCLAN University it became their dream to own a little boutique; a gorgeous little gem of a hangout where the girls could showcase their style and interpretation of fashion.

The dream came alive in 2009, and where better than Preston. Cannon Street was the perfect fit; a humble little abode off the main shopping street. The boutique was divine with gorgeous furnishings and walls clad with amazing pieces chosen by the sisters. The shop was fairly small and was run by the girls with a little help from friends when needed.

Coco Preston was on the map, business was going well and customers were buying into Coco’s style. Not content with staying still, Mel and Vic began to explore the idea of opening a second boutique in Halifax (home town of the girls). After much thought and long days and nights Coco Halifax opened its doors in 2010 whilst Preston was still doing its thing. Westgate Arcade was to be the location. A beautiful street covered by glass architecture; one of the town centre’s beauty spots.

It was at this point that Marisa (mum to Mel and Vic and known to everyone as MAMMA COCO) became an integral part of the Coco lifestyle. (the big boss) Bringing 25 plus years of retail and management experience, Coco Halifax was in the hands of another family member with the same vision as her daughters.

Days were very long and it was ’work, work, work’ running two boutiques at once with a small team consisting of Mamma, 2 daughters and a few new Coco girls. The dream was well and truely alive and every minute of every day was filled with a feeling of appreciation and gratefulness at how things had developed in less than two years.

Things stayed as they were until 2017. Then what?

The world of online shopping was becoming more prominent than ever before. It made perfect sense for Coco to explore the opportunity of showcasing their style and vision for fashion to the world. The difficult decision to close Coco Preston was made in 2017. The birthplace of Coco; the humblest of beginnings. Our gorgeous intimate boutique where girls walked out as fully fledged Coco dolls, staying loyal to the Coco vision.

Mel and Vic had finished at UCLAN some years back and most of their time was being spent back home in Halifax. For Coco to focus on the future of online there had to be a sacrifice, and all things considered it was decided to leave Preston. Goodbye, boo xx

January 2017, Coco Boo Loves was brought to life, and here you have it today; this very website. You dolls can pick the outfit of dreams and be part of the Coco family. Coco Boo is a family run business and we treat all you dolls the same way. We are one big family.

It was realised that the decisions made were certainly for the best. Coco Boo is continually expanding to keep up with demand and ensure that the service you dolls receive will never be sacrificed. We pride ourselves on providing you all with the best customer service possible, along with advice and style tips from the perspective of Coco. We do things differently here; we inspire and we want you to be the coolest kids on the street. We want you to feel confident and dare to show off that bit of Coco that will set you aside from the rest. You are our friends not just our customers!

Offices have since been built and further expansion of our base in Halifax is not too far away. It’s all very exciting. Mel’s husband has since joined the team and most of the Coco girls taken on back then are still with us; loyal to the Coco lifestyle. New girls have also been employed. What started as a team of two back in 2009 has now grown to 7 and not forgetting Gigi (our little Frenchie who spends every day with us, overlooking the goings on in the office).

All of this would not be possible without you dolls, we are forever grateful. You are so loyal, and we love you and all our new and future Coco dolls the same xxx

Always remember WE GOT YOU BOO