Want SIX/EIGHT ITEMS FOR £30?! Just Read Below Then BOO!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to these bags being in a SALE EVENT PROMOTION and MADE TO ORDER they are non returnable, so please be aware of this before ordering.

Please READ our TERMS AND CONDITIONS very very carefully before purchasing a bag.

By purchasing a bag you are agreeing to accept these terms. If you do not agree please do not purchase.

Please select the size you require.

The size guide for our garments is also on the website.

SIZE 6 can also be size XS

SIZE 8 can also be S or S/M

Size 10 can also be size S, M or S/M

SIZE 12 can be a size M, L or M/L

Size 14 can be Size L, XL, M/L Or size L/XL


Once you have selected your size and added one of these bags to cart, you just purchase as normal like you would an item.

The bags will contain 3/4 ITEMS of CLOTHING and 3/4 GIFTS. The GIFTS may consist of a mixture of either bags, accessories, hats, scarves and additional treats. This will be a random mix. The stock included IS NOT from current stock you can see on our site, however it may be stock in our current SALE, it may be stock from past season collections and stock you have seen on our social media pages. IT WILL NOT BE FROM OUR FULL PRICE COLLECTIONS ONLINE OR IN STORE.

Our girls will select 3/4 of the best styles and 3/4 gifts from our LUCKY BAG SELECTION. You will receive a lucky dip of some amazing pieces in your selected size. This is an absolutely amazing deal and means that you are getting some absolute babes for less than £5 each! How INSANE is that!!

PLEASE only enter in to this event if you are HAPPY with our girls choosing for you. This is a blind purchase and it will be our girls that pick these styles for you. We will follow the size guidelines for the clothing, however PLEASE BE FULLY AWARE, it may be the case that styles don’t fit, don’t suit and are not to your taste, however we can not be held responsible for this. If you love what we do you should love what you receive and we really hope you do. We will try our best for you however PLEASE ONLY PURCHASE if you are happy to receive styles you have not chosen or selected yourself.

We host this event to provide a treat of goodies that are a complete surprise and something fun for our dolls. If they are unsuitable to your taste please appreciate it was a blind shop and this can occur.

We can not offer NEXT DAY on this purchase as the bags are MADE TO ORDER, however if you order other items as well as a bag we will happily send them out separately on whichever shipping method is chosen.

Please allow up to 5/7 WORKING DAYS from order for the bags to be dispatched. They will then be put on whichever shipping method is selected at the time of the order. They are made to order so will take longer to dispatch.

We will not be able to answer individual questions about the items included in your bag so please only purchase if you are happy to enter in to a SURPRISE LUCKY DIP. 

If you are happy with these TERMS then absolutely this event is for you. :-)

 Thank You SO MUCH, HAPPY SHOPPING And Heres To Lots Of LUCK x