Puff Sleeves In Paris

The fashionistas of Paree are back. Emily and her gang of super sassy queens are back in town (well in Paris) and they’re here to show us how it’s done and how to get new season ready.

So, what’s our fashion take away from the latest season? 

Let’s be honest, where do we even begin…Very much like our whole Coco ethos, Emily isn’t afraid to mix up looks and styles and wears pieces that cause heads to turn. This latest season (season 3) has been bold and sassy, and just like the first fashion icon to hit our screens, Miss Bradshaw of course, Emily is really starting to cause a fashion movement like no other.  So, we’re here with the scoop and we want to swoop in and get inspo from our fave gal. Oui Oui.

With that in mind, I wanna talk Coco

Our Coco Boo Luxe collection is a puff sleeve dream. An ode to our love for those shoulder popping statement moments, and just like our gal, Emily, we’re gonna show you how to rock sleeves as big as your dreams baby. Guys, let’s put it out there, any mention of puff sleeves, statement sleeves, big sleeves, any sleeve, and our knee’s go weak. We’re here for it, and we’re here to show you how you can be here for it too.

Coocobooluxe Collection

What is a puff sleeve?

If we’re gonna get technical, here’s what the English dictionary says, ooo la la, 

plural noun. the sleeves of a women's garment that are gathered at the shoulders and caught in at the cuff to create an inflated, puffy effect

And here is a little bit of fashion History for ya……….. (we really know how to impress)  

The puff sleeve emerged in the Renaissance, but its popularity would ebb and flow even past the era of Anne, the Edwardian age. The puffed sleeve actually had a resurgence in popularity in the 1930s, a response to a decade prior's focus on shapeless silhouettes and more masculine styles.

Ooooh, hang on, we’re not done yet, here’s a little more history to tickle your fancy….

A puff sleeve also dates all the way back to the Tudor period in England, 1485 to 1603. Huge puff sleeves intended to signify the magnificence of the monarchy and its livery. All the individuals who served the crown rocked a puff sleeve to show their importance.


So, now we’re fully up to date, we’re ready to rock those sleeves and show our importance just like our Tudor pals.

We may not have the Eiffel tower flashing it’s shining lights behind us but we’re hitting the streets, rocking the sleeves, flicking our hair, dancing in the rain (no doubt there will be rain).

What do puff sleeves symbolise?

Puff sleeves have had a huge resurgence in the last few years. However, they never actually left the public consciousness. We continue to be drawn to puff sleeves because of all they symbolize: power, virtue and romanticism.

Puff sleeves work for everyone, no rules apply. With some of our Luxe collection we kept the shape of the body more flowing and basic, like the Unicorn dress and the Magenta dress,whilst keeping the sleeve the main focus. The bolder the sleeve the bolder the look meaning you actually can just throw on one of our dresses and go, it’s as simple as that. Let the sleeves do the talking.

The Wonderland and Midnight dress have a little more versatility in the sleeve because this perfect puff can be worn on or off the shoulder, changing up the look to however feels more comfortable for the wearer. 

And that’s enough puff sleeving info for one day, but you best believe our obsession will continue into the abyss. Click to see our Luxe collection in all it’s glory

Which puff sleeve are you? (I’ll take them all thank you)

We always stand by fashion as an expression. Never be afraid to wear what you love. If it’s in your heart to be bold, be bold. If you want to be bright, be bright. Anything goes, because when you dress with your own love and freedom, you will always radiate.

Love and Unicorns